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Development and production of a six foot interactive multitouch display for Sixth & Willow.

We had been researching the production of multitouch displays for some time, completing several prototypes and exploring commercial applications. Our friends at Post Projects caught wind of this, and approached us to collaborate on a unique marketing installation for Kenstone Properties’ latest development. The client was dissatisfied with the standard of touch displays typically seen in residential sales centres, and wanted something to make a bit more of an impression on a design-conscious audience.

Sleeves were rolled up, as we engineered and produced a touchscreen with twelve square feet of coverage, boasting twice the fidelity of any off-the-shelf solution. At this scale, photos came alive, and zooming around a neighborhood map was enthralling. This was not the clumsy experience of a touch TV — it was a strikingly dynamic surface, tailor-made for the space it lived in.

Sales staff were delighted, as it granted flexibility to their presentation processes; the surface could transition from unit plans to a showcase of finishings at the touch of a finger.




Acrylic sheet with matte backing material. Custom welded aluminum frame. 3d-printed channels and caps. 400 hand-wired infrared LEDs. 2 Playstation  webcams with infrared filters and barrel-correcting lenses priced at ~20x of said webcams. 2 short-throw 1080p projectors. Stitching software licensed from the Dutch aeronautics industry. Flex application written to process multitouch input at 120fps.